About Me

Who is the colour & art-loving ‘Lady behind the lens’?

My name is Michele – a 38-year-old German who has been calling Christchurch home for 6,5 years.

In 2016 one of my wildest dreams - travelling around the world - became a reality. I travelled for 11 months, visited 10 countries, and aimed to preserve all the things I saw and felt while on my journey of discovery.

New Zealand was one of 10 countries and Christchurch got added to my list of places to visit. I still remember the comment of another traveller while sharing my plans: ‘Why do you want to go there, it’s still a city of construction sides?!’
Neither the person nor the comment could change my mind – my curiosity won.
Back then, I spent 2 days in Christchurch, got a little paper map featuring some of the artworks, and visited as many walls as I could. I fell in love and about 4 months later, I returned.

Since then, quite some time has passed. Photography has been one of my passions since a little kid. I was the one with the camera, who animated family, friends and pets to hold on until I had captured the moment.

Professionally I ventured in a different direction. I’m a certified Hotel Specialist and Event Manager by trade. Planning and organising also played an important role in my previous job as a Personal Assistant. Things have changed and I am now sharing my love for art and colourful walls as ‘The lady behind the lens’.

Photography and art spark a light in me. When I’m behind the lens I feel like I’m where I'm meant to be.

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